Anime Inflatable Lover Skura

Product Information

Anime Inflatable Lover Skura

Never leave home without the best travel companion – Anime Inflatable Lover Skura! This love doll is ideal for traveling because it is compact and thanks to the universal design, you can use most sex toys with it aside from the removable masturbator that is included. Take her from the front or from behind without foregoing any of the sexual experience.

Skura comes with high quality digital imaging that breathes striking life into your much loved Anime character. Top shelf PVC was used in manufacturing, making Skura durable and also comfortable to handle no matter how sweaty the action might become. Being as compact as it is, this love doll gives you a range of choices not many others can: do it standing up, lying down or sitting – Skura will happily oblige.

Primary product features:

  • Inflatable lover made from durable and comfortable PVC
  • Top quality digital imaging used on front and back to embody your favourite Anime character
  • Universal design enables you to use your favourite sex toys with Skura
  • Removable masturbator included with love doll
  • Masturbator is soft and flexible with a tight love tunnel
  • Compact design makes it perfect for traveling
  • Ergonomic shape design

You don’t have to worry about losing grip during the throes of passion thanks to the ergonomic design of the inflatable love doll. With a shape that is easy to get a hold on, there will be no letting go no matter how sweaty the action gets. Add to the heat by including some of your favourite sex toys as well! The universal design allows you to mix and match whenever your mood changes.

Using the removable masturbator that is included is far from boring though, as you will quickly discover how easy it is to get lost in a breathtaking climb to climax with this ingenious piece of manufacturing. It is soft and flexible, offering a realistic sexual experience with enhanced sensation that will be remembered long after the last juices have flowed.

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