Duck Sex Doll

Product Information

Duck Sex Doll

Duzzy Duck is as adorable as they come with his cute little face and squishy body but this inflatable toy is definitely not for children. Standing at fourteen inches, Duzzy comes with a fuckable hole at the back, making him the perfect travel animal sex companion. Grab a bit of lube and you’re good to go! With Duzzy you can be assured of a satisfying release no matter where you are.

Duck Animal Sex ToyOne of the best features of this inflatable toy is its size. You can easily travel anywhere with Duzzy Duck and not only that but you can take him out without being conspicuous too. At a boring lunch or dinner? Sneak Duzzy off to the bathroom with you for a quick duck off. You will be able to squeeze in quality time with Duzzy wherever you go.

Primary product features:

  • Inflatable animal sex doll
  • Stands at a height of fourteen inches
  • Ideal to travel with
  • Durable manufacturing
  • Titillating sexual sensation in the love hole
  • Perfect for animal masturbation fantasies

Duzzy Duck is poised to become your new best friend and you will most likely hand him that top spot with the greatest of pleasure – sexual pleasure that is. Duzzy will surely not disappoint as you will find the love hole to be pretty accommodating. The sheath provides a snug fit that is enough to send you over the edge. Simply get a little lubed up and go at it!

This inflatable animal sex doll goes over really well at bachelor parties too. So you can either give the gift of a great animal duck off to one or more of your friends or you could keep Duzzy all to yourself for those moments of alone time that you might feel you need.

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