Luvin Lamb Sex Doll

Product Information

Luvin Lamb Sex Doll

Luvin Lamb has one love passage at the rear and comes with lotion in a pillow pack as well. She is great as a gag gift or to be used at bachelor parties but don’t sell this little lamb too short because she is an awesome fuck as well. The sexual sensation is quite realistic and the love hole grips pretty tight around your cock for added stimulation.

Luvin Lamb Animal Sex DollDurable PVC manufacturing means that Luvin Lamb is really built to take a beating so don’t be too concerned about banging too hard because this baby likes it rough. The convenient size makes it perfect for travel as well so that you never have to be without your sheep shagging entertainment no matter where you go.

Primary product features:

  • Good quality manufacturing – durable PVC
  • One love passage at the rear with realistic sexual sensation
  • Works well as a gag gift or at bachelor parties too
  • Compact enough to travel with

Take her from behind or flip her onto her back and get a whole new feel of her maddeningly tight love passage. Luvin Lamb likes to be fucked all ways you can think of. If you’re thinking about spicing up your sex life you can’t get much hotter than the most fuckable sheep on the block.

Lube her up and get to shagging – it’s that simple! Lotion is included to get you started and really helps with the friction in the beginning because Luvin Lamb can be a tight fit. Frequent fucking helps to open her up just a bit so that the friction is less and the hot ‘n heavy sexual sensation takes over. Never before have you experienced stimulation on such a realistic level as this!

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