Sheep Sex Doll

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Sheep Sex Doll

Ho Peep and her sheep put a whole new spin on rhyming fantasy! This mini inflatable love doll comes with a full sized pleasure hole and so does her pet. Now you can mix and match your entertainment depending on your mood. She works well as a travel companion because of her size and the duo goes off famously at bachelor parties too!

Lil Ho Peep And Her Sheep Sex DollLil Ho Peep stands at 27 inches, while her sexy sheep is about 10 inches high and 18 inches in circumference. They both have love holes for you to slip your cock in to and are small enough to be enjoyed just about anywhere. The best part is that you never have to leave home without your favourite sheep herder whore!

Primary product features:

  • Two piece inflatable miniature love doll set
  • Durable manfucturing
  • Lil Ho Peep – 27 inches high
  • Sheep – 10 inches high, 18 inches in circumference
  • Compact enough to travel with and use in small spaces
  • Ho Peep and sheep have one full sized pleasure hole each
  • Great for bachelor or bachelorette parties and as a gag gift
  • Possibly the world’s smallest inflatable love dolls

Ho Peep has one love hole that fits most cocks and it runs all the way through so you can do her from behind as well. The sheep’s love passage fits really well and has a great sensation when you’re fucking it. What’s awesome is that you don’t have to choose between your new lovers when travelling – they’re small enough to both tag along!

Gone are the days of lonesome travel because Ho Peep and her sheep are best travel companions you could ask for. They will never irritate you with nonsense conversation and will always submit to your sexual needs no matter where you take them. What better fuck buddies could you ask for?

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